Member Groups & Clubs

Discover How WotzThat Will Benefit Your Member Organisation

Member Savings & Enhanced Loyalty

A flexible, customisable total loyalty platform: rebranded mobile apps to your look and feel.

Real savings on everyday items: discounts, offers and exclusive deals from top retailers.

Real-time identifiable loyalty: pre-purchase identification offers enhanced customer service and loyalty

Example: Scott joins and uses the app to save $1,000's a year

For example, Scott spends on average $1,000 month at partner retailers on food and drink, fashion, sports, beauty, health, utilities and travel and he saves an average 20% with deals and offers – that’s an average saving of $200 a month or $2,400 per annum.

Members save and support your club

  • Every deal purchased by members earns the club a small fee, which can be used by the club to provide additional or enhanced member services.
  • You can increase desired communication with your members increasing the relationship and driving club support, whilst also developing a more informative CRM.

Your Members Just Download The App

  • Your members download the app, signup for free and access 100,000’s of leading local and international brand deals, coupons, discounts and offers with new updates every day.
  • Rebrand the member and local retailer mobile app’s with your logo, images, look and feel and even your own merchandise, tickets and other products.

Members Support Your Local Business

  • Sign up your local retailers to offer exclusive member only in-store deals in your area.
  • Each Local store has control of the deals they offer- upload a deal via the merchant deals app and it’s instantly available for members to purchase and redeem online or instore.

Enhance customer loyalty & drive service ROI

By using instore IoT devices such as beacons enables the identification of loyal and VIP customers at store entry, providing you with the ability to offer additional on the spot deals or provide customised service and assistance pre-purchase.


By using the WotzThatDeal app you can save money on everyday shopping with our network of local and international major brand retail partners offering you access to thousands of daily discount deals, coupons and offers.